Welcome to ETRETAT

ETRETAT is a place known to everyone. It immediately evokes its famous cliffs, its needle (hollow?), its “Portes” that open to the timelessness of mother nature, majestic…

It is above all a splendid playground for anyone interested in photography: the light is always changing, the elements very contrasting … This light inspired the greatest artists: from Monet who painted nearly 80 paintings there to Maupassant, Eugène Delacroix or Henri Matisse to name but a few! In other words, each moment is unique and an opportunity for an exceptional shot!

This is what I propose to you to seize through various formulas opened to all the levels, whether you are interested by a discovery stroll or more by the art of the photography. Everyone will find their account there!

The cliffs, one evening in October…
… or on a sunny day in spring!

Portfolio – Etretat

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Set of arches


Etretat in black and white

Surrealistic Etretat

Insolite Etretat

Etretat and its pebbles

Etretat and its wildlife