Yves Thuillier, Nature Photo Workshops / Hikes Etretat – Raguenez

Welcome on l’Heure Bleue

Nature photographer

We sometimes realize, as time and experiences go by , that each event of our life is singular, ephemeral and that it is important to remember the great milestones that have shaped us in order to move forward towards our future.

This is my philosophy, and this is why I have always been fascinated by the art of photography. This capacity to retain the past, to keep it present, to capture moments to magnify them, has always aroused my fascination.


But let me introduce myself: Engineer lecturer for 25 years, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and add an artistic string to my otherwise very scientific bow! I trained for 3 years as a “Reporter Photographer”, graduating in April 2023, and I’d like to put this experience to your benefit.

I have always been passionate about nature and landscape photography. That’s why I propose you discover two sites that are particularly dear to my heart: Etretat and Pont-Aven. With a camera, if you know a little about the opportunities it offers, you can bring back sublime images from these magical places!

Why, “L’Heure Bleue” ?

It is the period between sunset and dark night that offers, when the conditions are right, nuances ranging from fiery reds to deep blues, through blazing oranges and bright yellows, sublimating the shadows in the foreground.

It’s a light that allows for off-the-beaten path shots and inspires me!

Whether you are on land…

… But especially by the seafront!